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It became apparent very early in the development of the Information Center that a logical approach to maintaining the gathered information was very important.  Over time, the Center designed a taxonomy that worked well.  Its design and utilization became a major contribution of the people involved in creating the Center.

A taxonomy is an index--a method of filing information in a logical, commonsense manner.  The Center's taxonomy helps the individual organize his/her needs in such a way that the information sought is more readily usable.  The design of the taxonomy provides access to information from either of two directions.  Resources can be gathered by starting with a global topic such as employment.  The design also provides the information seeker with the opportunity to start with a very specific topic and work backwards toward generalizations.

The Information Center's taxonomy is organized into fifteen broad categories.  You can review each category's sub-topics by clicking on the topic of your choice below.

Taxonomy Categories
This is a list of the categories in the Information Center's Taxonomy, with a brief description of the contents of each category. Please select a category from the list below.

  1. Access/Accommodation
    Actions and resources needed and possible to provide access to and maximum utilization of ordinary spaces and for functions of daily living for people with various disabilities.

  2. Communications
    Resources and procedures required to facilitate communication by, to, and about people with disabilities.

  3. Disability/Disabling Conditions/Chronic Illnesses
    Information about specific illnesses and disabling conditions.

  4. Education
    Issues affecting the opportunity for education and educational success for people with various disabilities.

  5. Employment
    Issues and resources affecting the employment of persons with disabilities.

  6. Equipment/Assistive Technology
    Equipment, technology, devices, and tools which can assist people with disabilities achieve daily living tasks.

  7. Finance/Entitlements
    Strategies, resources, governmental benefits and programs to assist people with disabilities overcome financial difficulty.

  8. Health Care/Treatment
    Health and medical information related to disabling conditions.

  9. Housing
    Programs, requirements, and strategies for the special housing needs of people with disabilities.

  10. Human Relations
    Information on issues of personal and interpersonal relationships.

  11. Information/Resources
    Collections of materials and information on living with a disability.

  12. Law/Rights
    Information on the laws and protected civil rights of people with disability.

  13. Personal Care/Basic Needs
    Information about resources and strategies for daily living.

  14. Recreation
    Sports, recreational and leisure activities for people with disabilities.

  15. Transportation/Travel
    Specialized modes of transportation and accessible travel options for people with disabilities.

The Center's taxonomy helps the individual organize his/her needs in such a way that the information sought is more readily available and usable.

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