Important Announcement (posted February 11, 2004):

Beginning with the Spring 2003 Edition (Vol. 23, Number 1), publication of Disability Issues has been taken over as a joint publication of the Massachusetts Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MMIG), located at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Health Policy & Research, and the Community Information Network for Individuals with Disabilities (CINID), an initiative of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Recently, CINID has released their website: Disability Exchange, available at New and archived editions of Disability Issues will be available on the Disability Exchange website, at

In addition to the newsletter, the Disability Exchange website offers a wealth of resources for individuals with disabilities, their families, friends, and community, including news, forums, calendars, and surveys organized according to the taxonomy originally developed by the Information Center and used in this site. We strongly encourage you to visit the Disability Exchange if you have not already.

In light of this wonderful new resource, the Information Center is re-evaluating the status and purpose of our website. In order to aid us in this process, we request that you fill out a short survey to share your experience with the Information Center.

1. How did you find the Information Center website?

2. What were you seeking during your visit to the Information Center website?

3. Did the website provide you with the what you were seeking?

4. How have you benefited from the Information Center?

5. How have you benefited from the Information Center's website?

6. How could we change the Information Center website to better meet your needs?

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